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Xpedia Travel Management Limited - specializes in tours and travel across this land of the Great Rift Valley and the Great Lakes -Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda - the dynamic and culturally diverse East African region. We tailor itineraries for a wide range of budgets for East African residents as well as travelers from across the globe.
Because our highly trained and qualified staff has the proficiency and in-depth knowledge of East Africa, at Xpedia Travel Management , we can provide all types of air travel itineraries, local and international, as well as packaged holidays filled with fun activity & adventure, sporting options, family vacations, group safaris, luxury safaris, private tours, business travel packages and of course wildlife safaris. Xpedia Travel Management also arranges tours for special interest groups, including clients keen on ecotourism or others who are cultural enthusiasts.
You can also book adventure safaris as well as honeymoon/romantic packages, with classic exclusive tented accommodation available as options. Our broad array of choices in airlines, accommodation, tour locations and activities ensures we can find just the right beach holiday for you, be it on sun-kissed sands of tropical beaches or the savannah domain of leopards and lions or, indeed, all the sights and sounds of this enchanting part of our world.


Xpedia Travel Management Limited offers a whole range of domestic and international travel products which include:
  • Reservations and issue tickets to all destinations worldwide.
  • Hotel and lodges accommodation.
  • Organizing road and rail transport.
  • Inclusive tours and excursions, conferences, seminars, educational trips.
  • Processing visas on behalf of clients.
  • We offer 24 hr efficient and friendly meet and assist services on request.
  • We offer timely and flexible response to all your travel needs.
  • We provide trip planning services for tours and flights along with quotations to organizations and individuals.
  • We shall also provide updated information on tariffs and fares to your organization.
  • We promptly deliver tickets to your office.


We have partnered with Jubilee Insurance companies to provide a travel cover that suits your needs. We and our partners promise to provide the best Travel Insurance to all our clients at easy premiums thus providing endless benefits to our insurance applicants.


Xpedia Travel Management Limited is a leading provider of corporate travel programs. It is in our best interest that we continually search out and provide the most cost effective travel packages available. At the same time we aim to make the group travel planning process as convenient as possible